About GCAP

Started in 2004 by the Game Developers’ Association of Australia, GCAP focuses on skills development, emerging industry trends and international business matching for the Australian industry.

It does this through a series of lectures, panels, discussions and networking events designed to equip attendees with a greater understanding of international standard and practice in streams like art, design, programming, production, marketing, monetisation and more.

The conference brings together game developers, publishers, investors, educational institutions, media and key industry players from across Australia and the world to discuss the rapidly changing development and distribution ecosystem and identifies the opportunities for developers of all sizes in the global video games market.

Over 1,000 professional attendees and speakers in the game and interactive media industries use GCAP as a forum to share experiences and identify techniques that maximise potential and improve production efficiency as well as content quality.

Attendees will also take away a deeper understanding of core business management techniques, PR efficacy, audio production and how they can contribute to a positive, inclusive industry culture.

Now in its 12th year, GCAP has evolved to become the leading event for Australian game developers. It is an opportunity for devs to network, collaborate and share their thoughts and ideas.

GCAP is hosted by the Game Developers’ Association of Australia.