Aussie Game Design Challenge 2015 – VS: Virtual Smell

Australia is full of talented game designers. In this session, we’ll put some head-­to-­head and let the audience vote on who will reign supreme!

The Aussie Design Challenge Theme has been announced – VS: Virtual Smell.

Imagine a new peripheral has been designed that can create any smell in the world or at least convince a player they are smelling something. Design a game using this new peripheral.

As you read this our panel of designers are coming up with a game idea to pitch to you, the audience. Games can be intended for any platform and can be at any stage of the development cycle: from vague concept, to design doc, to a fully implemented game, or just an entertaining description of the idea.

This will be a light-­hearted panel packed full of experimental/funny/thought-­provoking game ideas. Come along to get an insight into how the game design process works. Listen to the pitches from these passionate game designers and decide for yourself who to vote for based on who fitted the theme best; came up with the most implausible game; or simply made you laugh the most.

Location: Auditorium Date: October 28, 2015 Time: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Jenn Sandercock Jenn Sandercock Emilie Poissenot Emilie Poissenot Nicole Stark Nicole Stark Luke Muscat Luke Muscat Leigh Harris Leigh Harris