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Aussie Game Development: Diversity and Direction

ROOM 111/112 - PANELS November 1, 2016 12:10 PM - 1:05 PM

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Sally-anne Kellaway
Brooke Maggs
Lucy Morris
Lisy Kane
Clara Reeves

The panel will involve significant female-identifying people in the Australian game development industry. Their goal will be to discuss the value of bringing diverse voices into the creation of great games. Each panelist will discuss their path to game development to shine a light on the value of unique environments and skill sets in the industry. They will explore the ways they’ve navigated industries to arrive in this new and highly changeable and flexible industry (Game Development). This conversation will touch on the various challenges that faced the panellists in the game industry specifically as a result of traversing this technical, male dominated field. Approaching this with a particular focus on reflecting on the state of diversity in Game Development, we will discuss these challenges and what measures are productive in facing and working through them.

To explore this implicitly known value, the panel delve into the impact of internal and external barriers and what mentorship and training may contribute to overcome these barriers. This will also form the crux of the “what needs to happen with the industry next” topic that will close off the panel: we understand that it is as important to discuss the future of diversity in the industry, as it is to reflect on the beginnings and current state of the industry. Taking this message to wider audiences will help promote the pathway to a more diverse, open and agile game development industry.

We will leave a generous amount of time for questions at the end of the panel – 10-15 minutes. This is to ensure that questions that do not often get the specific time or attention to be discussed can be addressed, and specifically for reflection on the content of the roundtable. It will also provide an opportunity for female-identifying developers to be a visible participant in a technical field.