Audio Design

Future of Game Audio: So Bright, It Hz

ROOM 111/112 - PANELS November 1, 2016 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

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Fabian Malabello
Sally-anne Kellaway
Jeff van Dyck
Mick Gordon
Jacek Tuschewski

With the recent rise of VR/AR and advances in hardware and software, a multitude of unique possibilities is unfolding, changing the way we think about utilizing audio in these spaces.

This panel will deliberate current trends and possible trajectories of game audio, and new ways to think about implementing audio as an integral mechanic in games development.

You will hear insights from some of the industry’s most exceptional composers, sound designers, music supervisors and audio directors: Mick Gordon (DOOM), Jeff van Dyck (Alien: Isolation), Sally Kellaway (FMOD, Zero Latency), Jacek Tuschewski (Mighty Games, Armello) and Fabian Malabello (The Otherworld Agency).