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The Art of ‘Rodeo Stampede’ – Breaking Rules & Making T.O.F.U.

ROOM 103 - ART November 1, 2016 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

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Dan Graf

How can a 3-person indie team make enough content for a global hit free-to-play game?  How can a first-time parent with a newborn go full-indie?  When do expert knowledge and learned habits become obstacles to success? Taking leaps of faith is risky, but sometimes doing things the established ‘safe’ way is the biggest risk of all. Rodeo Stampede achieved 10,000,000 downloads in its first month in no small part due to a vast array of fully animated bendy 3D characters which, normally, are expensive to make.  In making Rodeo Stampede we broke a lot of our own rules – especially in the asset pipeline – but these risky breakthroughs are what made it all possible. Dan will share some of the technical and philosophical breakthroughs which led to Rodeo Stampede’s runaway success.
In rare cases, you gotta behead your giants.