Attending GCAP & the AGDAs

Prior to GCAP & The AGDAs

Prior to GCAP & The AGDAs FAQs

What’s the dress code for the AGDAs?

Cocktail Attire. This is your red-carpet moment, so leave the gaming tee at home and put on your best dress or suit and grab a photo on our official AGDAs media-wall!


Will I be able to purchase a ticket at the door for the AGDAs?

Ticket Sales close at 3:00 PM AEDT Tuesday, October 3rd. No tickets will be issued for the AGDAs after this date. Non-ticket holders will be refused entry.


What does an AGDAs Ticket include?

You will receive entry to the AGDAs on Wed 4th October at The Forum. Food, drinks, and entertainment are included.

Note if you purchased a GCAP All Access Pass you automatically receive entry to the AGDAs

Please note: AGDAs ONLY Ticket Holders will not have access to GCAP, GCAP Content, GCAP Services, and the Ultimate Social.


What are our Covid Safety Protocols?

We work closely with our venue partners MCEC on all health and safety matters to ensure a safe conference for all our attendees.

For more information regarding the measures put in place for your safety, please refer to MCEC’s VenueSafe Plan & The Forum VenueSafe Plan.

For all other Covid Safety protocols, we will follow the latest guidelines established by the local and federal government at the time of the event.

This includes requirements and recommendations on Mask-wear and Vaccinations.

IGEA recommends the use of masks and that all attendees are up to date with the latest round of Covid-19 vaccinations that are available to them.


What is our Ticket Refund Policy?

Tickets for the event are non-refundable (except where applicable under relevant legislation/regulations) and non-transferable and cannot be reproduced, upgraded, or resold above their original value.

Refund Exceptions:

IGEA will only offer a refund or exchange of a ticket if the event is canceled, rescheduled, or significantly relocated (and you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled or relocated event) or to the extent otherwise required by law.

IGEA will provide a refund or exchange of the GCAP ticket only to any customers who are unable to travel to the event due to travel restrictions in relation to COVID-19.

IGEA will provide a refund or exchange of the GCAP ticket only to any customer who is unable to attend due to illness (with applicable evidence – i.e. a doctor’s certificate) on or before October 13th.

For all other COVID-19 related cancellations that occur that do not directly relate to the points above, a credit for GCAP 2024 will be offered in place of a refund.


How do I set up my Sched Profile?

Right after booking your GCAP ticket, you’ll get email access to our scheduling profile, Sched. Here you can register your attendance for different talks, build your own personal schedule, and book in for a workshop – places are limited!


How do I set up my MeetToMatch Profile?

You will receive your access to MeetToMatch after purchasing your GCAP 2023 ticket.

Use the online MeetToMatch platform to browse through the attendees, sessions, and products, to manage your schedule and to plan your onsite meetings.

Simply set up a profile picture, name, a short bio, and get started finding other attendees to meet up with!

MeetToMatch offers a thoroughly tested, easy-to-use platform that directly links meeting partners to a location such as a booth, table, or meeting point, or to a video conferencing tool. MeetToMatch is used as a connection platform used at most international events. There is no hassle with switching between platforms, taking different time zones into account and providing meeting locations or links to your meeting partners – MeetToMatch does this for you.

Visit the MeetToMatch FAQ page for more details


GCAP Content Includes:


Talk Tracks

Highlights Track

Networking Icebreaker

Workshops (pre-registration required)

Screen Australia Local Lounge

The Ultimate Social

AGDAs Ticket


GCAP Services Include:

Meet to Match Networking Platform

Experts in Residence Program

Early Access to GCAP 2023 Recorded Content

Sched Platform


GCAP Events Include:

Mon October 2  7:30AM – 6PM: GCAP Conference Day One
Tue October 3  7:30AM – 6PM: GCAP Conference Day Two
Tue October 3  6PM – 8PM: The Ultimate Social
Wed October 4. 8AM – 3:30PM: GCAP Conference Day Three
Wed October 4  6:30 – 10:30PM: The AGDAs


Will I be able to purchase a ticket at the door for GCAP?

We will have a strictly limited quantity of tickets available at the door until Tuesday, the 3rd at 3 PM AEDT. After Tuesday afternoon, there will be no further tickets sold. For speed of admission, we strongly advise having your tickets purchased before the 30th of September.


Can I buy a single-day ticket for GCAP?

There are no single-day tickets available for GCAP 2023.


What does a GCAP All Access plus PAX 3 Day Badge include?

You will receive all the benefits of a GCAP All-Access ticket, plus a 3-Day badge to attend PAX from 6th to 8th October at MCEC. Strictly limited offer.


What does a GCAP All-Access Ticket include?

A GCAP All-Access Ticket includes access to all 3 days of GCAP (Mon – Wed), The AGDAs (Wed evening), the Ultimate Social (Tues evening), all GCAP Services such as our networking platform Meet to Match, and GCAP Content such as our keynotes and talks.



On Arrival and During GCAP & The AGDAs

On Arrival and During GCAP & The AGDAs FAQs

Will food and drink be provided at the AGDAs?

Yes! The event will be fully catered. We will serve several rounds of canapes as well as substantial food with a variety of options including Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan. We’ll also have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options served by wait staff and available at the bar.


What’s the dress code for the AGDAs?

Cocktail Attire. This is your red-carpet moment, so leave the gaming tee at home and put on your best dress or suit and grab a photo on our official AGDAs media-wall!


How do I get to The AGDAs?

We are in The Forum at 154 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia. More information on how to get to The Forum can be found via this link: The Forum Melbourne – Find Us


What time should I arrive at The Forum?

Doors open at 6:30 PM with food and drinks service beginning straight away. We recommend you line up outside the venue 15 minutes prior to ensure you are inside and ready to go for the commencement of the official ceremony.


What proof of purchase do I need to show to pick up my AGDAs Ticket?

You must bring your GCAP Conference Badge to show on the door.

If you have not had the opportunity to pick up your ticket at GCAP or AGDAs Ticket before Tuesday 3rd October 5:00 pm AEDT, your pre-registered ticket will be waiting for you at the door at The Forum. When you registered for an AGDAs ticket, you would have received a PDF ticket to show at the door.


What is the Screen Australia Local Lounge?

The Screen Australia Local Lounge is your chance to engage with the next generation of incredible Australian-made games and the talented teams who make them. Running for the full length of GCAP, the Local Lounge will feature a rotating roster of interactive demos of all the amazing upcoming Screen Australia funded games from all across Australia.

Each day, the Screen Australia Local Lounge will feature 30-minute talk sessions that focus on different key aspects of the indie games development journey giving attendees a unique opportunity to meet and learn from an array of emerging and skilled developers from across Australia.


What is The Ultimate Social?

Tuesday 3rd October, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join us for the Ultimate Social! Join us on the Tuesday after GCAP where we’ll be hosting a massive social event thanks to our friends at Ultimate Studio and Supercell. This will be the best opportunity to engage with all GCAP attendees in a low-key environment where we’ll be providing delicious desserts to enjoy with great company! We’d like to express our immense gratitude to both Ultimate Studio and Supercell who have come together this year to help us deliver our vision of empowering the Australian game development community.


What is the Networking Icebreaker?

Monday 2nd October, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Kicking off right after the opening keynote on Day One is our Icebreaker Intro! This brand-new addition to the GCAP line-up is helmed by leadership consultant Lex Dwyer and will offer attendees an opportunity to engage with each other through a unique combination of co-operative puzzles, sociometric understanding, and playful networking.


How do I attend Talks?

Attending talks and sessions is easy. Just follow the schedule, and when it’s time for a session that interests you, head to the designated room. Volunteers will be available to assist with any questions.


What is Experts In Residence?

Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th October

Book directly through MeetToMatch and look for people tagged as Experts

One of the key goals of GCAP is to connect participants to intentionally create business relationships, share insights and knowledge, and build professional communities and networks. In 2023, GCAP will be running an ‘Experts in Residence’ program. This program allows ticket holders to access time with experienced game development practitioners and subject experts across game development who can provide advice, guidance, and support across a range of areas, empowering attendees to achieve their professional and personal goals.

– Tuesday 2 October

– Wednesday 3 October


How do I book a Workshop?

Book directly through Sched.

It is first come, first serve as spots are limited, so you’ll want to make sure you’re 100% certain about which ones you want to go to, and book them in early.


What is Sched?

Sched is our event scheduling and management tool. Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to do things like set up a personalized schedule of the talks you’d like to attend and where they are located, plus register for GCAP workshops once they’re open.

Please note, you will need a Sched account to sign up for workshops.


What is MeetToMatch?

MeetToMatch is a B2B event platform that you can use to plan meetings with other participants, plan sessions, and to explore products and services.

This premium event networking service is aimed at meeting potential business partners by choice rather than chance, and for you to have an optimal event experience.

Imagine a day of pre-planned online meetings and sessions, where you meet many potential new business partners, get inspired by interesting sessions and can browse through the products and services of the other attendees.

More information can be found on the MeetToMatch website or you can send an email to


What is the Mask Policy?

Attendees are advised to wear masks while not eating and drinking. Attendees are also reminded not to attend and apply for a refund if they have contracted any illness.


Will food be provided at GCAP?

Morning Tea and lunch will be provided, and the majority of dietary requirements have been considered that were indicated to us when you purchased your ticket. Please ensure you include any dietary requirements and allergies with your Eventbrite registration. We will also have an allergens table to cater for those with more specific allergies.


How do I get to GCAP?

We are in the CONVENTION CENTRE side of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, on Level 1. The address is 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006. More information on how to get to MCEC can be found via this link: MCEC Plan Your Visit


What time should I arrive at MCEC?

In order to ensure you have your conference badge ready and arrive on time for the opening keynote presentation, we recommend you arrive at 7:30 AM.


What proof of purchase do I need to show to pick up my conference badge?

This year, we are using Crowd Comms to allow for onsite ticket printing and registration. When you registered for a GCAP ticket, you would have received a PDF ticket – if you open that up, your QR code will be in there.

Please log in to Eventbrite using the email address you used to purchase the ticket and double-check all your details are correct – this will really speed up registration!



After GCAP & The AGDAs

After GCAP & The AGDAs FAQs

Play AGDAs Games at ACMI!

Drop into ACMI to get hands-on with a selection of outstanding AGDAs 2023 games. All those who attend this free exhibit will also be able to vote on their personal favourite and ultimately decide who takes home the highly coveted ‘ACMI Audience Award’ Trophy!

When: 10AM – 5PM, Friday October 6th to Sunday October 8th
Where: Swinburne Studio, Level 1, ACMI, Fed Square


I missed out on a talk. Can I view it elsewhere?

No worries! We record and share them on our YouTube channel, and for ticket holders we have a vault.  Subscribe to our channel to catch up on all the exciting moments and stay informed about future events.


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Did you enjoy the event?

We hope you had a great time at our GCAP & The AGDAs! Your feedback is essential to us, and it helps us improve and make future events even better. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and experiences with us in our post-event survey.



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