Call out for AGDAs Judging Committee


IGEA need your help!  We are establishing a panel of judges for the AGDAs in 2020.  This year we there will be awards for the following categories:

Best Art

Best Gameplay

Best Narrative

Best Sound

Best Music

Best AR/VR

Best Serious Game

Best Mobile Game

Best Ongoing Game (Game as a service)

Best Emerging Game

Studio of the Year

Game of the Year


We don’t expect you to judge every category, but it would be great if you could lend your expertise to a category (or many categories) to help determine the finalists and ultimately the winners.  There will be strict criteria on which to base your judgement and in the interests of transparency, the judging panel once selected, will be made known to the community.

If you are interested, please complete this form and we will let you know how and if you can assist.  Alternatively email  If you or your company intends to nominate for an award in 2020, judging may become a conflict.  We suggest you don’t offer to judge a category in which you or your company may be eligible, or perhaps you offer assistance next year.  We are looking for a breadth of expertise and welcome applications from all corners of the industry and community.


 The Judging Committee are bound by the following policies to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and that all entries are assessed fairly.

  • If at any time, a judge feels like they have a conflict of interest with a game they have been given, they may choose to opt out of judging that game and we will pass it on to someone else.
  • All games are judged by at least 3 people. All scores are then standardised to eliminate bias.
  • If a judge has submitted their own game, they are unable to judge their own submission.


Deadlines close 7 August 2020

Thank you!

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