How do I set up my MeetToMatch Profile?


You will receive your access to MeetToMatch after purchasing your GCAP 2023 ticket.

Use the online MeetToMatch platform to browse through the attendees, sessions, and products, to manage your schedule and to plan your onsite meetings.

Simply set up a profile picture, name, a short bio, and get started finding other attendees to meet up with!

MeetToMatch offers a thoroughly tested, easy-to-use platform that directly links meeting partners to a location such as a booth, table, or meeting point, or to a video conferencing tool. MeetToMatch is used as a connection platform used at most international events. There is no hassle with switching between platforms, taking different time zones into account and providing meeting locations or links to your meeting partners – MeetToMatch does this for you.

Visit the MeetToMatch FAQ page for more details


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