GCAP 2021 – Call for Speaker Submissions


Thank you for taking the time to check out the call for submissions for GCAP 2021, Raising the Bar.

GCAP 2021 at this stage will be a predominantly physical event with some virtual elements for internationals, held 4-6 October 2021, with the theme ‘Raising the Bar’.

As usual for GCAP, this year’s content will be a mix of submitted talks and carefully curated content from game developers in Australia and from around the world. The content strategy for GCAP is based on feedback and consultation with industry to specifically address current industrial issues.

GCAP speakers will be paid a $200 AUD stipend for their time. Talk duration is 50 minutes.

We are looking for intermediate-to-advanced level talks based in practical reality, with tangible takeaways and educational outcomes. We want to see examples of techniques used in shipped projects, hands-on deep-dives into successful production methodology, pipeline walk-throughs, etc.

We are looking for practical examples and hard data that attendees can walk out with to immediately apply to their projects and careers!

In terms of topics, we’re looking for a selection of talks to help people improve their practice, become better game developers and generally raise the bar on how we function as an industry in Australia. Some of the things we’ll be looking for include:

  • Building efficient content pipelines in Unity and Unreal
  • Designing the best tools for the job
  • Levelling up in your career
  • Making the most of a small team structure
  • How to give effective feedback
  • Next-gen audio content creation
  • Developing for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5
  • Multi-platform game development practices
  • Debugging and automated testing
  • Gameplay prototyping and technical iteration
  • Scope assessment and risk mitigation from a project-management standpoint
  • Making the most of Unity and Unreal to build stand-out games
  • Effective localisation strategies and implementation
  • Current UI/UX best-practice
  • Building accessible games from the get-go
  • Authentic representation of minorities in games
  • HR policy for indie teams
  • Attracting external investment
  • Pursuing alternative income strategies
  • Making the most of Unity and UE4/UE5
  • Post-launch marketing strategies
  • Platform sales data breakdowns
  • Hiring for culture add, not culture fit
  • How to be a competitive hirer
  • Creating effective graduate and intern programs
  • Training and personal development
  • Becoming better managers

Speaker submissions close 5pm AEDT July 8th, 2021 and you can make your submission here.

GCAP 2021 will take place from 4-6 October 2021. Please note that speakers will need to be available from 9am – 5pm AEDT on the above-mentioned dates.

If you are submitting a talk, please be aware that we may require you to pre-record your talk if you are unable to be present due to COVID restrictions, or in the case that the event becomes digital-only. If this becomes the case, we will let you know via email, and you will be asked to record and submit your presentations in 1080p and mp4 format by September 1st, 2021.

Please direct any questions to events@igea.net and we look forward to Raising the Bar for the Australian games industry.

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