GCAP 2022 Content Availability


Since IGEA became responsible for leading GCAP, we’ve examined how best we can honour our speakers’ time, efforts and expertise. Our first point of order was instituting payment for all our speakers back in 2020. With the return to a physical event this year, that conversation turned to how we manage the talk content post-conference, considering some speakers cannot make their talks available publicly in perpetuity.

To ensure everyone can experience a little bit of GCAP, we have selected some highlights from each track of GCAP 2022 as well as all our opening and closing keynotes, (which were also streamed live on our Twitch during the conference) and made them available for free on our GCAP Youtube channel.

We have a new Vault system for GCAP recordings  – a dedicated place to host the most recent GCAP content tailored to the audience it was serving specifically.

The majority of talks from all tracks will be exclusively hosted in the GCAP Vault for 12 months, after which some will be rolled out to our public Youtube channel. All GCAP ticket holders will have access to the Vault, which allows them unlimited access to all our most recent GCAP content.

GCAP 2022 attendees will be sent information directly on how to access the talks so keep your eyes out for an email from us.

Reminder if you are new to the industry and/or a student, we ran a free summit in July 2022 with a great selection of talks which you can watch here.  Our plan is to continue this event and free access going forward so please keep your eyes out for details.

For those that were unable to attend GCAP 2022 due to health issues please email us at events@igea.net so we can discuss access to the Vault.

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