GCAP 2023 Call for Speaker Submissions Opens


Speaker Submissions for GCAP 2023 are now open.

GCAP 2023 will take place in Melbourne during Melbourne International Games Week (#MIGW23) from 2-4 October 2023.

The focus for GCAP 2023 is Empower.

In recent years, Australia has consistently impressed and delighted global audiences with critically acclaimed game titles and world class developers.  The future for Australian game developers is bright and they will be faced with many exciting and new prospects.  GCAP 2023 aims to empower developers to achieve their vision for themselves, their teams, their art and their technical skills.

We are looking for intermediate-to-advanced level talks based in practical reality, with tangible takeaways and educational outcomes. If you have an idea for a beginners/introductory talk, please contact us in regard to the IGEA Educates Summit, our free conference dedicated to student and early career devs.

Through internal review and feedback, GCAP 2023 will endeavour to deliver the skills industry have told us they require.  Sav Wolfe will curate content alongside a team of professional content specialists in each discipline to ensure relevance and quality of our topics and speakers.

Our tracks for 2023 are:

  • Leadership, Career & Culture
  • Engineering & Technical
  • Design
  • Art
  • Business & Investment
  • Audio
  • Narrative
  • Brand & Marketing
  • Production

If you are looking for inspiration for talks, these are the areas we’re interested in hearing more about this year. Your talk does not need to fit exactly into these tracks to be accepted, these are just for consideration when submitting.

What are the key things we want to empower people to do?

Studio Growth – We want to offer the tools and expertise to allow studios to grow sustainably, through ethical hiring practices, upskilling management teams and training up the next generation of developers.

Training Practices    Empowering not only your juniors with training but providing ongoing learning for all levels of your team to ensure high quality projects, a healthy curiosity within your studio and staying up to date with the latest tools and technologies.

Safety and Boundaries – In the GDC 2023 State of the Game Industry Report, it was found that 91% of surveyed developers said that player harassment towards developers is a problem in the industry. This year at GCAP 2023 we seek to empower developers with tools to better manage and mitigate harassment, as well as giving them the confidence and safety to engage broadly with their player base. All aspects of community should feel comfortable building and maintaining boundaries.

New Ideas – As a rapidly shifting and continually evolving industry, from year-to-year GCAP seeks to bring you the best content around what’s changed. Be that new tools, new technology, new theories of design, sustainability, accessibility practices or even new programmatic language, GCAP wants to empower developers with new tools and practices to succeed.

Empowering Players – Developers occupy a space where they can empower their players through all aspects of the game. From the design focusing on rewarding gameplay, to accessibility controls to empower disabled gamers, to the simple act of representing someone through narrative.

Giving the player the choice as to who, and how they want to play.

Employment Empowerment  Job satisfaction, training and upskilling, ownership of creative processes, trust, letting people lead, bolstering confidence – these are all ways that founders and management can seek to empower their teams, improve their careers and build a cohesive and more successful studio.


Our schedule will be comprised of curated talks taken from both talks submitted and hand-picked content provided by our GCAP Subject Experts Working Group.

All speakers will receive a full pass to both GCAP 2023 and the AGDAs. Speakers will be compensated $200 AUD per talk slot, NOT per speaker. This year after community feedback, we will not be accepting panel submissions.

Talks will be recorded as in previous years, with selected sessions made publicly available on our YouTube.  The rest will go into the GCAP Vault for a year, with some talks released publicly each week via speaker agreement.

Applications will close at COB on the 13th of April 2023.

To apply, click here.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please reach out to:



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