GCAP 2024 Speaker Submissions


GCAP 2024 speaker submissions are now open.

GCAP will run in Melbourne from 7-9 October 2024 as part of Melbourne International Games Week.

The games industry continues to grow, adapt, and change at an incredible rate. IGEA curates GCAP content based on information gathered from the industry both locally and abroad to ensure its relevant and timely for our audience.

This year we have decided to not have a theme. We realise that the industry has grown to such an extent that a focus point may not be one-size-fits-all across the many roles and disciplines, so we have instead decided to establish our vision for this year’s content via 6 mission statements.  These are:

Built to Last: 2024 is set to be a challenging year for game creators. However, we’ve seen these cycles before, and will see them again. So, what lessons can we learn to build and maintain studios, products, and careers that last and what can we do to ensure they don’t falter in the face of adversity?  Let’s explore all the foundational pieces that are needed to stand steady in the face of disruption and change.

Adaption: Change is a constant in the video games sector. This may be new technologies, changing office structures in a hybrid environment, different platforms or shifting audience and consumer expectations. Speakers will provide thoughtful conversations about the dynamic landscapes across the disciplines and a learning environment to stay up to date with the newest changes.

Global Opportunities: The video games industry is global and there are many opportunities beyond traditional consumer markets for local developers to explore.  We will examine the various global opportunities that will allow for developers to break into new markets and expand their revenue and content opportunities.

Discoverability:  On average, 40 games are released to Steam every single day, and that number is only going up year on year. What makes a game stand out from the crowd? What’s the best way to get on publisher’s radars when there’s so much competition?  Discoverability and shareability in the current market can make or break a game.

Investment: In a climate that’s tightening the belt in some areas and increasing funds in others, how do developers connect to a variety of funds in this economic environment? We will learn about the process of preparing for funding conversations and once you have the funding, the best strategies to maintain relationships with funding networks.

Staff Culture: How does a growing studio maintain a positive work culture that embodies productivity and psychology safety?  Let’s dive into best practices for studio culture, exploring training, trust, engagement, and structure to meet metrics of success.

With these at the forefront of your mind, there have been a few changes and additions to our tracks for 2024 based off community feedback.

Our tracks for 2024 are:

  • Art
  • Audio
  • Brand & Marketing
  • Business & Investment
  • Design
  • Engineering & Technical
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Narrative
  • Production
  • QA

We are looking for intermediate-to-advanced level talks based in practical reality, with tangible takeaways and educational outcomes. If you have an idea for a beginners/introductory talk, please contact us regarding the IGEA Educates Summit, our free conference dedicated to student and early career devs.

Through internal review and feedback, GCAP 2024 will endeavor to deliver the skills industry have told us they require. Sav Wolfe will be leading content curation supported by a team of professional content specialists in each discipline to ensure relevance and quality of our topics and speakers.

Our schedule will be comprised of curated talks taken from both talks submitted and hand-picked content provided by our GCAP Subject Experts.

All speakers will receive a full pass to both GCAP 2024 and the AGDAs. Speakers will be compensated $200 AUD per talk slot, NOT per speaker. We do not accept panel submissions.

Talks will be recorded as in previous years, with selected sessions made publicly available on our YouTube.  The rest will go into the GCAP Vault for a year, with some talks released publicly each week via speaker agreement.

Applications will close at COB on the 26th of March.

Detailed applications are highly recommended.

To apply, click here.

A copy of the questions that will be asked in the form can be found here.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please reach out to:



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