GCAP Loading to be part of IGEA Educates Summit


After extensive feedback from our student and educator community, IGEA has made the decision to run GCAP Loading as part of our IGEA Educates Summit in 2022.

GCAP is held the first week of October as key part of Melbourne International Games Week. Our community have advised that this often coincides with peak exam periods for students across Australia which can in turn hamper a student’s ability to travel and/or attend GCAP. After two years of delivering GCAP virtually, we wanted to ensure that students still were able to access tailored content, without having to balance it with exams or finances, hence our decision to move GCAP Loading into the schedule of the IGEA Educates Summit.

The IGEA Educates Summit, which takes place 18 -19 July will provide students with a free opportunity to learn from industry and educators. Featuring two days of content, this year’s summit focus is on the theme ‘Developing Talent’. We want to highlight ways in which the industry can develop talent and work with educators to ensure a consistent pipeline of diverse people ready for a career in games.

Day 1 of the summit is directed toward industry and educators.  Educators need to be prepared for industry expansion, an enhanced development ecosystem and an influx of learners. The games industry not only needs to assist it in moulding the next generation of game developers but also consider practices from other sectors on how they manage and develop talent.

The second day of the program is very similar to GCAP Loading and directed toward students and emerging game developers.  Day 2 will feature presentations from experienced industry practitioners offering advice and recommendations about establishing and enhancing a career in game development.  This year we are also including a practical element and offering emerging developers the ability to have portfolio reviews undertaken by key management from within Australian studios.

To learn more, view the full schedule here.

The IGEA Educates Summit will also include virtual networking to foster a direct conversation between the educators and the students, assist students with their networking skills and help to identify education gaps.

In the interest of accessibility, the Summit takes place on Tulu.la, a digital conference platform, and tickets are available for FREE here.

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